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Welcome to the website of Centro Medico
Aesculapius. We have been providing quality
care to our patients for over 45 years. Our
mission is to provide comprehensive,
high-quality medical care with a
personal approach.

Consultation Hours

08.00 – 12.00
13.00 – 16:30


For emergency only
+ 599 9 560 3102

Phone Number

+599 9 737 0522
+ 599 9 737 0523


When you contact Centro Medico Aesculapius (CMA), an assistant will be your initial point of contact. The assistant will inquire about the reason for your call and ask a series of questions to clarify your specific request for assistance. This process is known as triage, which is essential for ensuring that you receive the best possible care.

The purpose of triage is to determine the urgency of your situation and enable CMA to operate effectively, minimize wait times, and maintain high standards of care. By using triage, patients receive timely and appropriate care from the most suitable healthcare provider.

The assistants at CMA are trained in performing triage and, like the doctors, are bound by confidentiality duties.


Do I have to see the doctor?

When you know what causes your complaints, you can visit thuisarts.nl. This is a website that provides you reliable information about illness and health. The website also tells you when to contact your doctor about these complaints.

The website moetiknaardedokter.nl is also very helpful. It helps you to judge whether you have to see a doctor. All you have to do is answer some questions about your complaints. After answering the questions, the website will provide personalized advice. 

Will I always see my own doctor?

CMA works with 5 doctors. We will try to make an appointment with your own doctor. However, this is not always possible. CMA wants to provide good care without long waiting times. Therefore, your appointment might also be scheduled with one of our other doctors. 

Can I request a prescription for antibiotics by phone or on WhatsApp?

No. This is not possible. Antibiotics should not be used very frequently. When antibiotics are used for a certain bacteria frequently, this bacteria might become resistant. More and more bacteria become resistant for antibiotics. This is a problem. Therefore, doctors do only prescribe antibiotics if this is necessary. If you have an inflammation, you will first need to be seen by one of the doctors. The doctor will decide whether it is necessary to prescribe antibiotics.

Can I request a prescription for eye drops by phone or on WhatsApp?

No. This is not possible. You will first need to be seen by one of the doctors. The doctor will decide whether it is necessary to prescribe eye drops. 

Our Services

Renew Driver’s License permit

You must be physically and mentally fit to be allowed to drive a car.

Preventive care & screening

Some examples are Blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol tests and mammograms.


Renew your prescriptions by sending us a WhatsApp from Mon – Fri.

Minor surgery

Minor surgeries are those that do not penetrate below the surface tissue and have a short recovery time.


A mental health professional who helps equip people with the tools they need to overcome mental health challenges.


The science of nutrition provides everyday people with information about food and nutrition, so they can make better choices for their health.



What Patient Say

Amanda Jansen


“Masha danki pa e bon kuido. Literalmente pa mas di 30 aña mi ta pashènt einan. For di mucha te awe i henter mi famia semper por a konta ku boso. Si otro praktijken siña kon boso ta hasi’é lo no tabatin ferfelu asinaki. “

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