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How long do I have to wait for my lab results?

It is your own responsibility to call for the lab results.

Emergency lab:
Call on the same day between 13.00 and 15.30

General lab:
Call after 1 to 2 weeks between 13.00 and 15.30 on business days

What to do with compliments or tips?

If you have any compliments or suggestions for Centro Medico Aesculapius, please feel free to reach out to one of our assistants or doctors.

You can also click here and fill in our compliment/tips form.

What to do with complaints?

If you have a complaint, we ask you to first address this complaint with the employee(s)
who is/are involved.

If you cannot come to a solution with the employee(s), you can
click here and file a complaint. Your complaint will be discussed internally.

Referral to a Specialist

When do you need a referral letter from your GP?

You will receive a referral if this is medically necessary. The GP can refuse to write a referral letter if he is convinced that this is not useful for you. Your GP must then be able to clearly explain to you why he does not want to write a referral letter. As a patient, you have the right to inspect your medical data. You may also view the referral letter. If you receive a closed envelope from the GP, you can ask your GP what he has written in the letter. The referral letter will be printed for you by the GP or GP assistant. You can take these with you to the hospital and the specialist.

Specialist care without a referral letter

If you do not have a valid referral letter, but still go to a specialist, this can lead to (high) costs. Your health insurer will not reimburse care. It is also possible that you will not be treated until you have received the correct referral.

Do you want to pay for a treatment yourself? Then you can also go to the specialist without a referral. Please note that you will not be able to submit the bill to the insurer later.

Specialists for whom (usually) no referral letter is required

For some specialists, no referral letter is required, unless your insurer indicates this in your policy. This differs per insurer and your possible additional insurance. If you have any questions, please contact your health insurer. You can usually go to the following specialists without a referral:

  • Physiotherapist;
  • Dental hygienist;
  • Dietitian;
  • Occupational therapist;
  • Speech therapist;
  • Podiatrist;
  • Remedial therapist.

How can I request a repeat prescription?

Request your repeat prescription on time! One week in advance can be recommended.
To request a prescription, you have to contact Centro Medico Aesculapius by
Phone: 7370522 | 7370523 WhatsApp: +5999 520 4704 or at the desk of CMA.

Did you request medication that you have not previously been prescribed?

In that case, the assistant will always need to consult the doctor before she can write a prescription for you.Medication that is prescribed by the doctor during your consult, can be collected at the pharmacy directly. Repeat medication that has been prescribed by the assistant can be collected at the pharmacy after 2 working days. 

Since may 2023, CMA has placed a letter box at the gate of the general practice. Instead of calling or sending a message to CMA, you can now also place the label from your old medicine box in this letterbox to request a prescription. The label should show your name, date of birth, the name of de medicine and the prescribed dosage of the medication. After 2 working days you can collect your medication at the pharmacy.

Registration and Deregistration procedure

How does registration at CMA work?

1. Inquire at the desk about CMA’s availability for new patients.
2. Ensure that you live within a 15-minute driving distance from the practice. If not, contact CMA first.
3. Request a meeting with the general practitioner if desired.
4. Fill in the registration form carefully and return it to the desk staff.
5. Inform your old GP and insurance company about the change.
6. Request your medical file from your former GP and bring it to your first appointment at CMA.

* Changing your GP during September is free of charge. If you want to switch to a different GP at any other time of the year, you will need to pay a fee of 10 guilders to your insurance company.

How does deregistration at CMA work?

– Inform our GP practice and your insurance company orally, by telephone or in writing that you are changing GPs. In September you can change your GP for free. At other times of the year you will have to pay 10 guilders to your insurance company for the switch to another GP;

– Request your medical file from us. We will print these for you. You can hand this over to your new GP. We will keep this data for you for another 10 years. After that, the data will be destroyed.

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